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Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul

June 2002
Title: Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul
Genre: Non-fiction/Inspirational
Author: Patricia L. Fry
Pages: 140
Publisher: Matilija Press
ISBN: 0-9612642-1-7
Price: $10.00
Rating: 4 stars
Comment: Highly recommended
Reviewed by: Sonya Bateman,

Could your current relationships, illnesses and career path stem from a past life? Patricia Fry didn't think so, until an interesting writing assignment led her on a path to spiritual awakening, which she documents in her book, Quest for Truth.

Through interviews with past-life regression specialist Don Clark and several of his patients, as well as accounts of the author's own experiences under Clark's hypnosis, Ms. Fry paints a believable picture of reincarnation and spiritual healing as she progressed from non-believer to devoted follower. The book offers compelling evidence for past-life theory and metaphysical energy, and does not dispute the existence of a higher power many people know as God. Ms. Fry's sometimes humorous, often inspirational and always fascinating tale is a journey you won't soon forget.

If you've ever wished you were rich and famous in another life, hoped that the love of your life is truly your soul mate, or dreamed that Atlantis once existed, you must read this book.

Reviewed by Sonya Bateman, a freelance writer, editor and novelist from Syracuse, New York. Her first novel, The Midnight Angel, is published under the pen name Sonya Lynde. You can find her free newsletter and personal Web site at She is a reviewing editor of

Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul

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