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A Journey of the Soul

by Patricia L. Fry
ISBN: 0961264217

Exploring Past Lives with Hypnotherapy

Patricia Fry has written a fascinating account of past-life regressions conducted in hypnotherapist Don Clark's office, where people encountered a wide variety of experiences with reincarnation and spiritual healing. Cautiously skeptical at first, Fry was hesitant to be hypnotized by Clark. Once she felt the healing power of hypnosis in her life and recalled some very realistic past lives, Fry found her life and world-view completely transformed as she delved ever deeper into the mysterious realm of reincarnation.

QUEST FOR TRUTH reads like letters from a dear friend who shares her sense of wonder and excitement as each new spiritual discovery unfolds. Recollections from places as distant as Atlantis and Lemuria add an especially exotic flavor, and I began to wonder where I've traveled on my own journey of the soul.

I highly recommend QUEST FOR TRUTH to anyone interested in hypnosis, past lives, and energy healing!

~Cynthia Sue Larson, RealityShifter's News

Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul

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