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The Successful Writer's Handbook

by Patricia L. Fry

Writers often e-mail me asking me one particular question, "How do I get started as a freelance writer?" This book is the answer to that question, and it makes sure that a starting writer comes away with all that encompasses that one question.

Patricia Fry is not a stranger to writing circles. She´s been a magazine writer and book author for over three decades now, and her experience and good advice is found throughout the book. While topics such as finding work that fulfills your passion and crushing writer´s block will appeal to beginners, the advice on discovering niche markets, organizing your non-fiction book and even a section on self-publishing will appeal to the not-so-new reader.

In specific, the book is organized into twelve sections dealing with the writing life, writing for niche markets, getting published, self-publishing, book marketing, honing your communication and networking skills, treating writing like a business and dozens of online resources.

The thing about this book is that it isn´t just geared toward the magazine writer, or the book writer. It´s meant for both. More than that, it encourages writers to try their hand at both these lucrative areas and not get confined to only one medium. The lesson here is: build on your success.

Overall, the book is great for someone just starting out in the business and is looking for professional guidance and advice on where (and how) to begin.   
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