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October, 2000

by Cindy Penn

Highly recommended

The most obnoxious complaint I hear from writers is "my publisher doesn't do enough to promote my book." Every time someone voices this complaint, I ask what they are doing to promote their book themselves. I am usually met with a shocked stare. Writers write, why should they promote? Not only why, but how writers can promote their work is answered in Patricia Fry's OVER 75 GOOD IDEAS FOR PROMOTING YOUR BOOK.

Fry has been marketing her own books for over twenty years. From the basics of book promotion, to mailing lists and web sites, Fry presents clear concise techniques for any author to find comfortable, successful methods for publicizing their books. Indeed, tips on topics such as book signings and promotional displays will motivate the most disheartened author to sell their work.

One of the most successful methods that Fry describes, that of writing a column, I have observed first hand. Several authors have joined WordWeaving over this past year for permanent or temporary columns, allowing them to increase their name recognition exponentially.

OVER 75 GOOD IDEAS FOR PROMOTING YOUR BOOK is an immensely practical guide filled with useful suggestions and tips that authors will find themselves returning to again and again. Fry's seasoned advice, crisp presentation, and practical approach wins my high recommendation.

Over 75 Good Ideas for Promoting Your Book

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