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Writers World International
November 28, 2000

Review by Maryanne Raphael

Author Patricia L. Fry begins by telling us that, no matter who their publisher may be, most authors have to spend as much time promoting their work as they did writing it. She then gives us a step-by-step description of ways to promote a book suggesting we study them and choose those best suited for our own marketing plan. She reminds us we begin by deciding exactly who our audience is and how they will learn about our book.

Having marketed her books for over 20 years while networking with other authors and publishers, Patricia has much valuable information to offer. One lesson she shares with us is the fact that promoting a book is a continuous job. If we are to succeed we need to spend a certain amount of time at it each day or to accomplish a certain amount of work for once we stop promoting a book chances are the sales will decline.

The description of a Book Proposal is one of the best I've ever seen. And no where else have I read such excellent instructions on how to have a successful book signing. The book lives up to its title, offering over 75 excellent ideas for promoting your book.

Over 75 Good Ideas for Promoting Your Book

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