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Young Writer's Handbook

By Patricia L. Fry

When you were beginning your writing, did you have a mentor who helped you get started? Someone who critiqued your work and gave you advice and encouragement? If so, you know how helpful a writing mentor can be. If it weren't for your writing mentor, perhaps you would still be dreaming of writing instead of actually pursuing your writing dreams. Have you considered becoming a writing mentor yourself?

Naturally we want to help our grown-up friends enjoy writing as much as we do, but there is another group who could also use our help as mentors. How about mentoring a child or teenager who dreams of being a writer?

If you know of such a youngster, I highly recommend buying him or her "Young Writer's Handbook." In this book, Patricia L. Fry offers advice and encouragement in a way that children and teenagers can understand. She covers sentence structure and grammar, often giving examples of "bad and better" writing.

There are many writing exercises in this book suited for young people. Also covered in this book are instructions for young people on how to write query letters and how to get their stories, articles, poetry, and cartoons published. There is a section which lists book publishers, magazines, websites, and eMagazines which work with young writers. Contests for young writers are listed, as well as child-friendly helpful websites such as journal and grammar sites.

You can purchase Young Writer's Handbook for an aspiring young writer by going to

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Young Writer's Handbook

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