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50 Ways to Promote Your Ebook by Patricia Fry

50 Ways to Promote Your Ebooks

by Patricia Fry

If you have an ebook to promote, here's a great gem of an ebooklet to help you develop and manage a successful marketing program.

The ebook is here to stay-at least until something more advanced and trendy comes along. Many new authors are choosing this format for their nonfiction books and novels in order to test the market without spending a lot of money. Some can see that ebooks are popular and they want to accommodate their audiences. Most ebook authors, however, are at a loss as to how to promote their ebooks.

There's nothing tangible to present to potential customers. And they question whether there are secrets to successfully promoting these digital wonders.

Secrets? No. I believe that publishing and marketing professionals have been quite clear about what it takes to promote a book no matter what form it takes. This ebooklet, 50 Ways to Promote Your Ebook provides a succinct guide to the marketing tactics that work most effectively for all types of fiction and nonfiction books. But I take the concept a step further by explaining how to use these ideas when promoting an ebook.

Yes, you can do personal appearances such as speaking engagements, demonstrations, book festivals, etc. It's just a matter of being a little (or a lot) creative. This ebooklet will show you how.

Patricia Fry is the author of nearly 40 published books and ebooks. Her books for authors number fifteen to date.

50 Ways to Promote Your Ebooks
Price: $1.99
ebook in PDF: 19 pages
(July, 2012)

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