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Calico Cat Mystery Series

Olivia and the Door-Dash Cats, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 14

By Patricia Fry

Olivia and the Door-Dash Cats
Olivia uncovers the clues in this rousing mystery.

Cats are showing up on random porches and no one knows who’s leaving them. Most residents are delighted to receive the gift cats, but they’re also suspicious. Who’s dropping off the cats? Where are they coming from? Why is this happening? Olivia and Archie, along with their people, Parker and Jag, are on a mission to find out, and the reality is both surprising and charming. As Olivia does her best to expose the players in this mystery, she has herself a frolicking good time with litters of kittens along the way, and she participates in some herculean fetes to save some of them. This is a charming and fun adventure full of kitty-cat antics that will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

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Patricia Fry has been writing for publication since 1973, having contributed articles to numerous magazines. She published her first book in 1983 and now has many self-published and traditionally published books to her credit. See her most recent books in the left column of this page.

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