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Klepto Cat Mystery Series

Rags Digs Up The Past, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 67

By Patricia Fry

Rags  Digs Up The Past, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 67
Fasten your seatbelt for an exciting ride with Rags. Rags uncovers items from the long-forgotten past and reveals what could be a wrongly solved crime. This is a story of intrigue and long-held secrets. Leave it to Rags to Rags to expose the facts and lead the charge to deciphering them. In the end the truth comes to the surface, but it takes Rags to identify the culprits. In this story, Rags also saves a friend from terrorist threats, he rescues a playful trickster and his cat, and he reveals the identity of an animal poacher.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.


Patricia Fry has been writing for publication since 1973, having contributed articles to numerous magazines. She published her first book in 1983 and now has many self-published and traditionally published books to her credit. See her most recent books in the left column of this page.

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