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Propose Your Book

Propose Your Book:
How to Craft Persuasive Proposals for Nonfiction, Fiction, and Children's Books

by Patricia Fry

Authors are the CEOs of their books, and their book proposals are their business plans. Most agents and publishers require a proposal before ever setting eyes on a manuscript, and it is a crucial element in getting published. Writing a proposal can also help an author to write the right book for the right audience, and to more successfully pitch a book to the right agent or publisher. Propose Your Book offers a clear understanding of the book proposal process in today's fiercely competitive publishing climate. It includes:

The most up-to-date concepts in writing a book proposal Insider tips from the agents and publishers Examples of actual proposals from publishers' files

Covering proposals for nonfiction, fiction, and children's books, Patricia Fry provides a hands-on approach from an experienced writer's perspective. Propose Your Book, enriched with innovative and tried-and-true strategies, is a complete guide to perfecting contemporary proposals that will sell writers' books.


While Patricia is considered one of this country's leading authorities on book proposals, publishing and book promotion, she brings you the perspective and success stories of two dozen others throughout the pages of this highly informative and useful book.

Patricia Fry has almost forty years of experience as a career writer. She is the author of more than forty-five books, including Promote Your Book, Publish Your Book, and Talk Up Your Book (Allworth Press). Her articles appear frequently in magazines and newsletters, she frequently speaks to writers' groups and at writers' conferences, and she teaches an online course in writing book proposals. Fry established her own publishing company, Matilija Press, in 1983, and is the executive director of the Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network (SPAWN). She blogs daily at and lives in Ojai, California.

Propose Your Book:
How to Craft Persuasive Proposals for Nonfiction, Fiction, and Children's Books
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Allworth Press (August 25, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1621534677
ISBN-13: 978-1621534679
Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6 x 0.9 inches

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