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by Patricia Fry

Just Say, Yes and Sell More Books

From Patricia Fry's Publishing Blog:

It used to be that when someone called and invited me to talk about my latest book at their club meeting I would think about it for only a few seconds before responding. And, usually, I would say, "No." Well, it was a safe answer. I wasn't comfortable speaking in public. What if I messed up? Yes, it was the right answer. However, later, I often regretted my snap decision.

So I started handling things differently. Now, when someone called and asked me to do something that was outside of my comfort zone, I'd say, "I'll think about it and call you back." Invariably, I'd talk myself out of it and end up missing a worthwhile activity or an interesting event. Obviously, that wasn't the solution to my decision-making problem, either. So, I developed a new tactic.

The next time someone called to ask me to speak or to attend a writers' group meeting or to help organize a group, I said, "Yes." Then I figured out a way to do it. Instead of focusing on the negative possibilities and my perceived short-comings, rather than dreading failure, I began a self-improvement regimen. I started meditating and using positive self-talk. I joined Toastmasters and improved my public-speaking skills.

Now, when I say, "Yes," to a speaking invitation, I spend my days preparing for a positive outcome rather than dreading failure. Consequently, book sales are up, I'm getting more client work and I'm having a lot of fun traveling all over the place. April 1, 2006 I was in Honolulu presenting a workshop on how to create a book proposal for the Pen Women's Conference. I spoke before the Book Publicists of Southern California in Studio City, CA on April 6 and I actually accepted an all-expenses paid gig for May 10 as the keynote speaker for the area Toastmasters conference in Dubai-yes, that amazing city in the Middle East.

I learned my lesson: Make snap decisions based on your fears and insecurities and you could miss out on some exciting adventures and great book-selling opportunities. Just say, YES.

And don't forget to say YES to my suggestion that you purchase and study my latest book, The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book.

[Author's Note: Right Way has been retired. See my most recent books in the left column of this page.]

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