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The Successful Writer's Handbook
by Patricia Fry.
Revised print book, 192 pages $15.95

The Successful Writer's Handbook is a collection of Patricia Fry's best writing-related articles. Herein, you'll learn how to crush writer's block, where to find writing work even during an economic downturn and how to manage the business of writing.

You'll discover hundreds of techniques to help you break into magazine writing, self-publish your book and market yourself and your work. This book also includes research resources and techniques for writers, ideas for designing a writer's Web site, tips for planning a more successful book signing and an easy-to-follow time-line for self-publishing.

Do you tend to procrastinate? Are you afraid to speak in public? Do you sometimes border on burnout? Fry also addresses these issues for the working writer.

She has included articles on networking as a tool for authors, interview techniques for writers and even how to pose for your publicity photo.

While this book is jam-packed with practical tools, creative ideas and useful techniques, the last chapter is a journey of self. You'll be invited to enter a writer's garden. You'll learn how to use your journal for therapy and inspiration. And you'll discover how to create greater balance in your life.

This book is recommended for writers at any stage of their passion. You'll probably be inspired to read it from cover to cover. But also keep it handy as a reference guide. If you're new to writing, certain articles may resonate with you now while others will draw you in later. However, you decide to use this book, relish it with the author's blessings, for she has charted the course on which you are now embarking.

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The Successful Writer's Handbook

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